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Posted: May 31, 2018
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Since 2010, 220 Café has flourished on the cozy, little corner in Downtown Statesville at 220 S. Center Street. Walking by, you can see the tables filled daily at lunch and dinner, and you will often find the café lively inside and out on nice evenings. Owner Kelli Simko has focused on quality food, a great atmosphere, and community involvement, which has created a destination restaurant for Statesville.

220 Café was part of the first phase of the Streetscape project, and although Kelli admits it was difficult during that “work in progress,” she has been an advocate for the transition since day one. “We have seen nothing but upward growth year to year in Downtown Statesville. We have watched our downtown grow, and we have grown with it,” said Kelli. One part of that success has been taking an active role in the community, getting involved and participating in local events. 220 Café was the first to bring Charlotte Restaurant Week to Statesville.  Kelli said, “We believed our downtown was worth putting on the map.  Not only do we provide a quality of food and service to make Statesville a destination, we felt downtown Statesville was worth the visit to see just what is going on here.”

This trendy café set itself apart with local artists displayed on the walls, local live music, and a cool curbside outdoor patio, where you can enjoy a glass of wine, cold beer, and great food as you engage in downtown’s awesome vibe. The staff at 200 café takes pride in their ability to take care of loyal customers and friends, as well as the constant visitors and travelers.

220 Café has been nominated consecutively as the “healthiest food restaurant in town.”  For lunch, they have everything from gourmet salads, to burgers, gluten free menu items, and have many of options to offer vegetarians and vegans. For dinner, they offer a daily “fresh catch of the day” and a chef’s feature, as well as amazing choice steaks and delicious sides, like cauliflower mash or roasted rosemary redskin potatoes.  All dressings, sauces, and desserts are made in-house. 220 Café also buys crop share from local farmers to offer a “farm to table” menu, as well.

“We are most known for fish tacos at lunch (once enjoyed by celebrity John Mayer), and or our grilled salmon with a creamy leek sauce and tomato concasse at dinner,” said Kelli.

In addition to teaming up with local businesses, such as Wine Maestro, to offer exquisite wine dinners, 220 Café also offers an amazing catering service! They have an extensive résumé, from 500 person caterings to small intimate caterings, working with each individual to create a menu to fit what their occasions may need.

There is no doubt, 220 café has brought good food, a great atmosphere, and a lot of life to Downtown Statesville.

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